Direct From Ireland John Beag O'Flatharta
2 Very Special Nights in Boston April 14-15, 2017

Friday April 14th At the Irish Cultural Centre, Canton
Limit to 150 which is a Special Up Close Night
to include a Good Friday Fish Dinner
Tickets for this Night - $100
Doors open at 7:00 P.M.

Saturday April 15th At The Teachers Union Hall, Dorchester
Tickets for this night $30.00
Doors Open at 7:00 P.M.

John Beag O'Flatharta, "an tAncaire" is from Foirnis, Leitir Meallain on Connemara's island coast, perhaps an unlikely enviroment for a successful country and western performer - Irish style. He has taken the irish speaking world by storm with his catchy rhythms and memorable songs from a local tradition yet sung to airs more akin tp American mid-west style.

Creating a niche for himself and others singing country music in irish and ballads in English, John Beag has had immediate success. Immersed in local traditional singing,initially sean-nos ( unaccompanied ) he has brought a freshness to performing in his own special way, country and western - "tir agus thiar" - his genre as a mode of expression.

Special Tribute to "Annie Mullen"

Both of these nights are a special tribute to "Annie Mullen" as all proceeds will go to Support a Memorial "Irish Music Scholarship" in her name.

For More Information Contact: Mairin Ui Cheide Keady 617-669-8744 or Patrick McDonough 781-534-3919

Friday April 14

Irish Cultural Centre: 200 New Boston Drive, Canton
Tickets - $100 - Includes Hot Good Friday Fish Dinner (Tables Of 10 may be Reserved) Limited to 150

Saturday April 15

Teachers Union Hall:180 Mt Vernon St, Dorchester
Tickets $30 and Tables of 10 may be Reserved